Bio - Parsa Mostaghim

Parsa Mostaghim, born in 1998, lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. An experimental artist who drops the other common themes of medium and style; conveys the ramifications of cultural socio-political issues that explore the relationship between the artist and society. His works offer strange and compelling juxtapositions of an allusive and ambiguous world alongside fascinating, detailed elements of surprises that created a state between realism and abstraction to the viewer.

His interest in animation and video games made him paint from early childhood. His paintings continuity got him to The School of Fine Arts from highschool. Simultaneously he shifted from illustration to painting, and that led him to practice painting more professionally.

His practice ranges from figurative, mixed media painting and drawing to sculpture, video, CGI and electronic music with various mediums and techniques. He attempts to capture a specific mental state that he experienced before through visual memories’ mental image snapshots and change it to sonic or visual forms. He tries to present a new experience of collective memory.

Parsa participated in a number of group exhibitions nationally and internationally as an individual artist, and also as a member of “Eastern Whistle” which was a collective artists group of the 90’s generation who demands a change to the Iranian contemporary art scene; Through nonconformal, creative thinking and expressing the genuine personal experiments of the second post-revolutionary generation. Furthermore, he held two solo shows so far.

Curatorial text by Farnoosh Talaee